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About Rev Rami Pam

Rev Rami Pam

Pam was fortunate to have been introduced to meditation at a very young age – learning to listen to Nature high up in the mountains of Pennsylvania. In 1979, she began breath work, yoga and Tai Chi and in 1982, she began formal meditation study with enlightened Masters. Her study is ongoing….

Her desire to serve drew her to the medical profession, where she became a registered medical and psychiatric nurse. She furthered her studies with a Master’s of Science in Counseling Psychology, and later in becoming an Instructor and Practitioner of Pranic Healing. Through further advanced studies, she became an Instructor and Reverend for Dr. Edwin J. Dingle’s Original Tibetan Breathwork, “The Science of Mentalphysics.” During these 36 plus years, her clairvoyance and healing abilities further developed, leading to a search for understanding how the numerous modalities could blend together for Radiant Health, Vitality and Soul Evolution.   The private Illuminating Sessions, Pranic Healing Classes/Clinics, Cooking, Art, Music Classes and Dr. Edwin J Dingle’s “Original Tibetan Breathwork” are designed for Luminous Individual Growth within a variety of ways.

Professional Degrees/Certificates
❖ RN, BSN from Edinboro University, Edinboro, PA – RN current in PA and CA.
❖ Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from Gannon University, Erie, PA
❖ Certified Legal Nurse Consultant/Life Care Planner
❖ Pranic Application Certified Instructor & Practitioner
❖ Rev. and Instructor of The Original Tibetan Breathwork of Dr. Edwin J. Dingle

2022 PAE CV

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