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For Health Professionals

 MCKS Pranic Healing Work for Health Professionals

Illuminating Lives, LLC and Pranic Applications offer continuing education programs for health care professionals and other individuals who are interested in expanding their knowledge of holistic health through the application of energy-based healing principles.

The courses are based on the Pranic Healing System developed by Master Choa Kok Sui who has spent over 30 years studying, teaching and authoring textbooks related to the principles and methods of energy-based healing. Pranic Healing is an energy-based practice that utilizes the subtle energy of prana to facilitate health and well-being.


The purpose of the courses provided by Illuminating Lives, LLC is to prepare health professionals to confidently interact with subtle energy to promote health and well-being. The goals of the educational program are:

  1. To provide an understandable language and theory related to energy-based healing
  2. To provide practical methods of assessing the energy field.
  3. To provide skills to correct energy imbalances associated with physical and emotional ailments.
  4. To provide strategies for maintaining self-health when providing care to others.
  5. To integrate and apply energy-based practices into the traditional health-care settings.

Pranic Applications is authorized by various licensing bodies and professional organizations to offer courses for continuing educational credits to nurses and allied professionals.  Contact: Rami Pam @ or Text: 760-408-7465

             MCKS Pranic Healing Courses for Health Professionals

Pranic Healing – Level 1 (Foundation)

This course provides the foundational theory and skills of the MCKS Pranic Healing System. Course topics include: principles of self-recovery and life force, energetic anatomy, relationship of energy centers to body systems, techniques to assess the energy field, protocols for correcting energy imbalances associated with pain, stress and common ailments, breathing/physical exercises to restore the physical/emotional well-being, energetic hygiene for practitioners, stress reduction through meditation, and applications for professional health practice. (14 -16 contact hours)


Pranic Healing – Level 2 (Color Prana Applications)                                                                     

This course provides an opportunity for participants to develop a deeper understanding of energy-based concepts and acquire greater skill and proficiency though the use of color pranas. Course topics includes principles and guidelines in the use of color pranas, advanced scanning techniques, advanced methods for cleansing and energizing, strategies to relieve stress and pain, strengthen the body, boost vitality, and enhance emotional well-being, specialized techniques to assist healing process of more complex conditions, healing facilitated by meditation, and applications for professional and healthcare practices. (14 -16 contact hours) Pranic Healing Level 1 is a pre-requisite for this course.

Pranic Healing – Level 3 (Emotional/Mental Applications)

This course teaches participants techniques to release stress energies, (especially those related to trauma and negative belief patterns), and to develop strategies that promote well-being. Course content includes the psychological functions of the energy centers, methods to assess for negative emotional energies, techniques to disintegrate negative patterns, energizing strategies for emotional and energetic restoration, methods to balance and harmonize energy centers, specialized techniques to assist healing of more complex emotional conditions, emotional healing facilitated through meditation, and applications for professional and healthcare practices. (14 -16 contact hours) Pranic Healing Level 1 is a pre-requisite for this course

Introduction to the MCKS Pranic Healing System

     This introduction course provides an overview of the Pranic Healing System and its application to health practices. One to two hour courses are available by request.

For more information about arranging a course in your area, please go to “Contact Us”


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