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Personalized Sessions – Illuminating Energy Work

      Rev. Rami Pam Erwin is a professional nurse, holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling/Psychology, legal nurse consultant, licensed Certified Pranic Healer / Instructor and Rev. for The Science of Mentalphysics Original Tibetan Breathwork. She is based in Pennsylvania and travels throughout the United States and internationally; she has been actively teaching private and business classes throughout her 35+ years of clinical practice. While working in CCU over 22 years ago, patients began waking up from comas while Pam was holding their hand… which lead her to search for blending a scientific evidence-based approach to energy healing modalities.       Sharing these gifts of Advanced Healing and Soul Development is her passion she loves to share!

Rami’s consulting sessions combine 35+ years of clinical, medical, and psychological practice with the application of energy-based healing principles of Pranic Healing, and The Original Tibetan Teachings of Dr. Edward J Dingle.  The sessions and results are highly effective whether In Person or Long Distance. Long distance sessions can be within the United States or anywhere in the world. Pranic Healing is an energy–based practice that utilizes the subtle life force energy to facilitate radiant health and vitality by deeply cleansing, energizing, balancing, and illuminating your electrical/energy/physical body. Rami uses Pranic Healing and Breathwork as the basis for her sessions, and continues to develop additional advanced modalities and skills to meet the needs of her clients.

Individual Private Sessions are available:  Via Zoom, Phone or Long Distance

1. Our “normal” fee is $220.00 per hour.
2. The children / college students are half  price at $110.00.
3. A sliding scale is provided for those who need assistance.

4. When “sets” of sessions are requested (for ex. as with Covid), a discount to $200.00 per session is available.

Contact: or Text: 760-408-7465

“Dusty Energy Chakras and Field Before Sessions”
“Sparkling Energy Chakras & Field after Sessions”

Who Can Benefit?

  • You
  • Family, Children, Friends, & Loved Ones
  • Pets
  • Business associates

What Concerns Would You like to Transform?

Life events Obstacles:   removing energy blocks to enable you to achieve your highest potential personally and professionally.
Illnesses:   Mental, emotional, physical or energetic.
Stress/Traumas:   including Rape, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Accidents. Attention Deficits Sleep disturbances including disturbing dreams

Help decrease symptoms of Cancer treatment side effects

Anxiety, Depression

Phobias & Obsessions

Decrease all post surgical recovery times

What You Can Expect:


Client describes problem area(s), symptoms and concerns.
Degrees of pain, discomfort (physical, mental and/or emotional) are measured: 0-10 (0 = no pain, 10 = severe symptoms)
Client is introduced to 80% alkalinity and 20% acidity.


Sessions are personalized to meet each client’s needs. While most sessions last 1 hour – in some instances, the session may be longer as warranted.

In-Person or Long Distance:

The client’s multiple major and minor energy centers. Meridians and aura are deeply cleansed, energized, balanced and illuminated utilizing protocols of Pranic Healing. Sensory “heaviness” of lower vibrational energy (ex: like the lint in a clothes dryer screen) is replaced with the Highest “life force energy”.

Clients frequently experience shifts in their consciousness, heightened visual acuity, decreased pain/discomfort from physical and emotional pain and suffering along with “seeing” a variety of colours of their energy field. Rape victims and/or victims of abuse verbalize a marked shift in their ability to “feel freer” and “lighter”, “not stuck” from their trauma(s).

Scheduling a Session:

Look at the top of this page and click on Contact Us. Click on Rami’s sessions and complete the brief form with your name, phone number, email, and inquiry….then click on Submit. Rami will usually contact you within 24 hours, but please note that this is not a 24 hour hotline.

Post Session:   Click to the Left for a handout of follow-up actions.

Session Fee:     $220.00/ hour

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