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Rev Rami Pam
Rev Rami Pam

Thank-you on behalf of myself and everyone else who benefits from the generosity of your shared experience!

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    Shared Experiences:

    Re: Personalized Sessions
    I have been feeling greatly drained physically and mentally. This is my first time experiencing pregnancy.. I’m 6 months and have been facing all the negative downsides of carrying a baby. lack of motivation, depression, sickness  all that fun stuff, it has not been easy on me. Pam is intuitive she noticed right off the bat and asked me how I was feeling, we were chatting, and she knew what was happening she poured me a shot of ____ (I’m not going to give her secrets/ teachings away… but let me say this she went out of her way to provide me the correct nutrients and vitamins and later that day I suddenly had happiness and energy and have continued feeling fantastic since. This woman is Astoundingly brilliant and special.  Samantha  United States

    Re: Illuminating Sessions

    “When I first discovered Rami as a Pranic Healer, I was skeptical of energy work because it felt so abstract. I relied on eating well and exercising to keep me healthy but I still felt a heaviness in my day-to-day life so I wanted to try something different. After only one session with her I felt  like a thousand boulders had been lifted off my shoulders. At the time I didn’t know if the results were because of Pranic Healing or because of Rami’s unique gifts as a healer but I knew I wanted more. It’s been fifteen years since my first session and working with Rami has been the most vital part of my healing and growth as a human being. Her sessions have gotten me through career transitions, break-ups, the death of my mom, severe bouts of depression, and countless other challenging life events. Along the way she’s given me priceless tools to live a vibrant life – alkalinity, Pranic Healing, and Tibetan breath work are just a few. Rami truly lives and breathes what she teaches, with the utmost integrity, and that’s what inspires me the most. She’s the most radiant enlightened person I know and I want to be that way too.     Megan

    Re: DLM Tibetan Breathwork

    Dear Rami ji,
    I can express lot more in person but I think following will be helpful to the one who is in search of lightEmojiEmoji
    Connecting to Rami is not a coincidence or choice but it was a divine plan and I realized that the track that lay before me is indeed a stately one. Her teaching and blessings guiding me every moment on this Nobel Path.
    I can merely show my sincere gratitude to Rami for her divine benevolence  and pass on my earnest thanks to her.

    I am learning DLM Inner chambers Breathwork from Rami, her study materials are original DLM teachings along with her priceless teachings. K

    RE:  “In the Light with Rami CD”

    Experience Description:
    “My sister had been playing a CD by Rami called “In The Light with Rami” for me for a few days. It is a meditation to clear chakras.  I had a very vivid dream about a large colorful Caterpillar like living creature which when draped over your shoulder gave you great insight and wisdom. I can best describe the caterpillar’s appearance by comparing it to a large Chinese dragon. It had  two rows of circular pods or sections down its back and each section had different colors and patterns which were very distinct and beautiful.  At first I was reluctant to have it put on me but it immediately brought calm and comfort once draped over my shoulder. And then I realized that I knew things that I did not know before. Fear had disappeared and I was filled with great foresight.  Debra, USA

    Re: Illuminating Sessions

    “I have certainly had wonderful epiphanies and experiences overcoming huge fear with you.”  B.

    Re: Illuminating Sessions/Tibetan Breathwork

    “Rami is an extraordinary resource to guide the renaissance or discovery of one’s own abilities to generate and move personal energy.”

    Re: DLM Tibetan Breathwork

    Today after I did my breaths, I realized I got more out of them because I didn’t have to rush for work or other plans.  More clarity, warmth in my body and relaxation.  I think I need to take more time in the morning, when I do my breaths.  A good lesson for me today. G.

    Re: DLM Tibetan Breathwork

    I have been able to see psychically all of my life. It feels totally natural for me.  As Pam is also a seer I have, on numerous occasions, discussed what has been shown to me during breathwork. About a week ago, I was watching my energy body during my morning breathwork, and all around the body were these intricate, geometric shapes, like webbing of iridescent light. The shapes surrounded the mental body but were about 2-3 feet away from it. Suddenly, some of these triangles and diamonds burst open with a brilliant light, golden in the center and white towards the end of the rays. I called Pam and she knew exactly what I was talking about. I am seeing my Shri Chakra. S

    It was a beautiful sight.

    Re: Illuminating Session

    Whew.  What a reaction!  The day before your session, my mom and I hung up on each other, screaming bloody hell, the day after your session, she was lovely, kind, concerned, nice, sweet, calm….Without there being any particular reason for her to be calmer/sweeter than before.  The day before, she was calling my sister names, and the day after, without being provoked, she told me at least three times to give her hugs and kisses and love (I was with my sister at that time)  What a difference.  Unbelievable.  You somehow gave her lots of good energy.  Amazing.  Thank you a million times!

    Thanks again!!!!!   A

    Re:  Illuminating Sessions

    Well, interestingly, my colleagues had been with my uncle yesterday and told me last night that he looked extremely sick, that he was extremely agitated and angry, and that he was constantly putting pressure on his left abdomen, and that he looked very much in pain.  They told me to make sure to talk him into seeing a doctor or getting a check up, my friends were very very concerned.  Tonight, when I saw him for the first time in months, which was right around four hours ago (around 9-9:30 CA time) he looked very lively, his cheeks were pink, and he was quite upbeat.  We were handling some difficult things today, which ended up going exactly against his wishes and plans, but, in the end, he did not make a huge deal out of it, like we would expect him to do.  I mean, there was really not much anyone could have done, but again, he seemed to be over being upset about it.

    After we left him, my colleagues immediately started talking about how much difference there was in his looks and behavior from yesterday to today.  I could not say, of course, I did not see him yesterday, but I was told horror stories.  If there is some more delayed reaction to be seen, that would be just marvelous!  I mean, after all, he could be happy to see me after a long time, not that I would expect my persona to do that much effect on him (that would simply be wishful thinking!), but, I think, you did magic again!  Thank you soooo much!

    I on the other hand am, as usual, completely oblivious to deeper things that go on with me.  Though, I feel much more energetic than I should b feeling right now, almost midnight, after a long day and that jetlag.  When I was with my uncle trying to explain him the issues and why he should not feel paranoid about or betrayed by the businessman we were dealing with today, as he really did nothing wrong, I was calm, articulate, and didn’t come across as taking sides (protecting the other party), which I pretty much always end up doing when I’m with him.  If my mind could stay serene like that, I would love it!  My head is so revved up sometimes I can’t think because of all the thoughts simultaneously crossing my mind in hundreds of different directions; sometimes I can’t fall asleep or stay asleep, which is so not normal for me, I can usually fall asleep on my feet!

    Thanks, thanks, thanks, and much love,    A

    Re:  Illuminating Session

    Thank you once more……I feel so much stronger, happier and light!  I will go into this procedure tomorrow in a wonderful place for me and my baby.

    I will speak with you tomorrow.     Lots of love, V

    Re:  Illuminating Sessions

    My husband started Pranic Healing treatments when he was diagnosed with cancer and I followed shortly thereafter when I was also diagnosed with cancer.  We were both somewhat skeptical of them initially, but soon found them to be extremely beneficial to us not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually.   The treatments help to release many pent up fears in both of us and deal with past traumatic events, as well as help us return to good physical health.  Today, with Pranic Healing combined with a healthy life style, we are cancer free, living happy lives and not afraid to face the future.    D

    Rami’s note:  As an example of “past traumatic events” – the husband had his first treatment with me long distance and was quite skeptical.  (I encourage people to remain skeptical and just be open, receptive and see what happens…be scientific about the results.)  As I was cleaning his energy field and “seeing” into the chakras – suddenly, while I was cleaning the back and front heart chakras,  a very clear picture of the chest and head of a gorilla appeared in front of my eyes (physical eyes closed)!!! I have to admit – this was quite bizarre to me too   Anyhow, I continued to clean the energy field and asked the Divine to take the “gorilla” into the Highest Light…. After the session, I emailed the clients and asked if there was Anything to this gorilla vision that they could add.  “D” asked her husband and at first he just gave her a strange look…walked away….then came back with a “funny look” on his face.  He proceeded to tell his wife that every night that he can remember he has had horrible nightmares about gorillas (he was 63 years old then)   During his childhood, his father had frequently threatened to give him to the gorillas at the zoo if he didn’t behave….. (emotional abuse) And, it just “happened” to be the first anniversary of his father’s passing when we had done the session.  This man did not have another nightmare about gorillas after that session…..

    Re: Illuminating Sessions

    You will never know the gift that you gave my grandmother and me.  My grandmother has dementia which has been getting progressively worse over time.  After you had worked on her I had gone to my parent’s home to visit with her and see what she thought of the treatment or if she remembered even meeting you.  To my surprise and delight she not only remembered meeting you but went on to tell me about the treatment and how you had helped her deal with a very difficult time in her life when her mother had passed when my gram was only 14 years old.  We then proceeded to have one of the best visits we had in years.  My gram and I have always been very close and one of the main things I miss most is talking with my grandmother and realizing that what we are discussing is not fully registering.  That night she was with me….100 percent.  Thank you for that gift which we both cherished.  I can hardly wait for you to work on her again.       Dr. Brian K. Myers

    Rami’s Note:  Brian discussed his grandmother’s case again with me about 1 month later.  She had drifted back into the dementia again.  He was again verbalizing that beauty of having those precious moments of clarity in time with her even if it was only temporary.

    Re: Illuminating Session

    I work as a district manager in a very fast-paced line of work.  At the end of the work day, I was noticing a growing sense of lethargy and a growing sense of helplessness.  I ordered Pan’s meditation CD and followed her dietary instructions which included increasing my greens through both dietary changes and supplemental vitamins.  Almost instantly, I began to notice return to my ordinary self.  By learning how to meditate and increase my alkalinity, I feel “alive” and comfortable.  Not surprisingly, my sales have increased as has my love life.  Regardless of your situation, Pam will be able to help balance your chakras and help you summon the Universe to open up doors you may have only dreamed would be there.  Thank you, Pam and good luck to those who read this!    JJ

    Re: Illuminating Session

    I know when my body is alkaline because I feel So good!  My mind is clear, free of conflicts and anxiety, my body has very low level aches and pains if at all, and I am so awake all day long, with no afternoon slump.  I go to bed at night at my regular time, tire but not exhauster.  I sleep peacefully.   Blessings,  C.

    Re: Illuminating Session

    When I came I was full of piss and vinegar. And now….. the energy of joy and an energy of calm…..Love you, I

    Truly Healthy Pets:

    A young golden retriever who was having new seizures referred to Rami.  Upon “long distance evaluation” – there was a small “bump” that was noted near the base of the dog’s neck.  It was not pliable or painful to the “energetic touch” … but clearly did not belong there in the dog’s neck.  Using Pranic Healing to “sweep and clear/disintegrate the bump” to allow fresh Prana and circulation to enter that area (to free the area from potential congestion that could create potential seizure activity)…the “bump” was no longer noted.  A thorough sweeping cleansing was also done head to paws on the dog…then energizing.  Post session – Rami spoke with the owner.  The dog’s seizure had completely stopped during the session.  The above findings were also conveyed to the owner.  Rami recommended that the owner discuss the above findings with her vet due to the unusual “bump”.   Post session phone call several days later:  The vet had had a “strange look” on his face when the “bump” was brought to his attention.  He found in his notes that the puppy had an ID chip inserted in the back of the neck area and it was no longer palpated.  Upon x-ray – they found the ID chip had been found now on the puppy’s shoulder!  The dog remained seizure free.    C.

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