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Mission Statement

Illuminating Lives’ purpose is to holisticaly assist each person, family and community in their search for balanced Radiant Health and Vitality. To teach and guide the “Inner Work” that serves to develop the individual soul to Divine Self-Mastery through the Original Tibetan Breathwork Teachings of Dr. Edward J. Dingle, Ding Lei Mei.  These goals are achieved through education and personal services to help you achieve your Highest Potential.

Intentions:  The Intentions of Illuminating Lives are to:
1.  Provide vision, direction and leadership for the advancement of personal holistic health care.
2.  Empower each person, family, community and global community in their search and achievement of Maximizing the life force of their bodies with Amazing Holistic Health, Vitality, and Well-Being.
3.  Honour individual, family and group excellence in their advancement of Radiant Health and Vitality.
4.  Create a new state of mind, a fresh radiant mind, body, emotions and spirit, a healthy enlightened way of understanding the world we live and breathe in, and an amazing way to reach out and achieve new possibilities, a Higher Consciousness Shift.

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