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Healthy Pets

Our Pets are Beautiful Beings of Light…They have the potential to be Truly Healthy within their makeup…just like you and me!  Here are a few “Simple Tips” that will help keep your pet Healthy and Happy :). (Healthy and Cost Effective Short and Long Term!)

  1. Love…Loving Touch
  2. Playing alone….and playing with others ….and other pets
  3. Having food that is free of chemical, dyes and other “potentially” hazardous material…that includes their play toys, their food dishes, water dishes.  It is Easy to find organic items in today’s world and online.
  4. Cleaning supplies are free of chemicals, dyes and potentially harmful ingredients.  So easy to find these now…shop for  natural and organic  products.  Our pets walk on the floor and carpet surfaces – any chemical products do go onto their feet…and into their respiratory systems…effecting their immune systems…sometimes right away – other times longer term.
  5. Litter boxes for kitties:  They need to be kept clean – scooping everyday.  Dust Free – chemical free litter.  Again, the kitties are breathing in the “litter dust particulates”…licking it off their paws and into their systems… It is common sense to spend a little more now and there will not be the costly vet bills for health problems that can be avoided.
  6. Pet shampoos: Natural and Organic  –  chemical free products…natural healthy shampoos that will not effect their immune systems over the short or long term of their life.  All of these chemical, dyes do create a more “acid” condition in every pet’s body…which leads to dis-ease in multiple ways.
  7. What do you pets sleep on or in?  Keep them sparkling clean and chemical free.  Wash the pillows/blankets in chemical free laundry soap…forget the chemical air fresheners.  Use clean pillows/blankets/pads.  Everyone, including your family will be healthier!
  8. Fresh water everyday: pH 7.5 – 8.5.  Yes – check the pH!  (Less than 7.5 will create over acidity/poor health  over time)
  9. Be aware of the Home environment….loud music, continual TV.. news, worried and anxious family members do pass on the stress to our pets.  Be careful…..Truly :).
  10. Take time to Be Happy and Be Grateful -It is a Conscious choice –  this shift in Consciousness changes everyone, including our Pets for a Radiant Healthy Life…

    Shared Experience:

    Truly Healthy Pets:

    A young golden retriever who was having new seizures referred to Rami.  Upon “long distance evaluation” – there was a small “bump” that was noted near the base of the dog’s neck.  It was not pliable or painful to the “energetic touch” … but clearly did not belong there in the dog’s neck.  Using Pranic Healing to “sweep and clear/disintegrate the bump” to allow fresh Prana and circulation to enter that area (to free the area from potential congestion that could create potential seizure activity)…the “bump” was no longer noted.  A thorough sweeping cleansing was also done head to paws on the dog…then energizing.  Post session – Rami spoke with the owner.  The dog’s seizure had completely stopped during the session.  The above findings were also conveyed to the owner.  Rami recommended that the owner discuss the above findings with her vet due to the unusual “bump”.   Post session phone call several days later:  The vet had had a “strange look” on his face when the “bump” was brought to his attention.  He found in his notes that the puppy had an ID chip inserted in the back of the neck area and it was no longer palpated.  Upon x-ray – they found the ID chip had been found now on the puppy’s shoulder!  The dog remained seizure free.    C.


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