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Energy Centers (Chakra System)

“Dusty” Chakras and Energy Fields in need of Cleaning and “Sparkling.”

The major centers control and energize the entire physical and nervous systems of the body, including all of the vital organs and the endocrine glands. The chakras also control and effect a person’s psychological and spiritual conditions.

***The Importance of Cleaning the Chakras before any Life Force energy is applied to an energy center is a major Principle in Pranic Healing Protocols. The rate of the process of healing is accelerated by applying the principle of cleansing and energizing.

1: Basic Center: This center is located at the base of the spine and is reddish burgundy and orange/gold in color. It has four petals. The Basic Chakra is the center of self-survival, preservation and overall general health. The energy from this center is used for energizing and strengthening the entire physical body: including the a. Skeletal and Muscular system, b. Entire spine, c. Blood quality and production, d. Adrenal glands, e. Internal organs and tissues of the body, f. Cell growth rate, g. Growth rate of children, h. Overall Vitality, i. Body temperature, j. Heart and sex organs (the basic controls and energizes the muscular system, therefore, the heart is also effected) ***To be full of vibrant health and vitality – this center must healthy and illuminated. It is a critical factor in a person’s youthfulness and vitality. In MCKS’s Advanced Pranic Healing Book, (pg. 20) he discusses that a portion of the Pranic energy of the basic center also goes to the Brain – malfunctioning of the basic center may seriously affect the brain.

Radiantly Healthy & Vibrant Chakras and Energy Fields after  Cleaning and “Sparkling.”

2: Sex or Vitality Center: This center is located over the pubic area and is orange/red with gold in color and some blue. It has six petals. The Vitality Chakra is the center for physical creative power. This chakra controls and energizes the a. sex organs, b. the urinary system – including the bladder and the urethra, c. the legs, d. also the throat and the head are energized and effected by the sex center. In MCKS’s Advanced Pranic Healing Book, (pg. 20) he brings interesting relevance to the interconnectiveness of the ajna, throat and basic centers. He states that “malfunctioning of any of these chakras may adversely effect the sex chakra.” He also theorizes that the proper transmutation of the sex energy is required for the proper functioning of the throat chakra and the chakras in the Head area. (pg. 21)

3: Meng Mein Center: This center is located approximately 1 inch above the back of the waist (behind the naval) and is mostly orange with some red and gold in color. It has eight petals. The function of this center is one of a “pumping station” for the energy traveling from the Basic Center upwards on the spine. The Meng Mein controls and energizes the a. Kidneys, b. Adrenal Glands, C. a degree of each of the internal organs, d. Regulation of the Blood Pressure.

4: Navel Center: This center is located on the navel. It has eight petals. It contains multiple colors of yellow, green, blue, red, and violet colors, and some orange. This chakra contains the “ki” which facilitates or helps in the circulation of prana (energy) within the meridians. (energy channels in the system). MCKS’s Advanced Pranic Healing Book, (pg.22). The navel center controls and energizes the a. Small Intestine, b. Large Intestine, c. Appendix, d. Effects the speed of giving birth, e. Effects the General Vitality

5: Spleen Center. There are 2 Spleen Centers – Front and Back. The Front Spleen is located at the middle part of the left bottom rib and the Back Spleen is located behind the front spleen center. They have 6 petals. This center draws in White (air) energy – looks like little round globules – and breaks down the white into red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet energy. This flows to all the other major chakras. ***This is the main entry and filtering system for the entire energy and physical body. It’s function is critical in each person’s well-being. (For example: If your Dryer or Air Conditioning filter screen is full of lint – what we call lower vibrational energy – it requires cleaning to remove the lint. Otherwise, the motor – or our physical organs etc. – will not function correctly…..the less lint, the more effective the functioning of the unit as a whole. This applies to our system as well. The spleen centers energize all the other major chakras and therefore, the entire energy and visible physical body. This center is a focus for cleaning with clients experiencing severe infections.

6. Solar Plexus Center: There are 2 Solar Plexus Centers – Front and Back. The Front Solar Plexus is located at the hollow area between the ribs; and the Back Solar Plexus is located at the back of the solar plexus area. They have 10 petals. It contains the colors of red, yellow, green, and blue – with some orange and violet. These centers are the main ones for digestion at all levels, and also the adrenal gland, heart, lungs and the rest of the body. (all are interconnected..) The quality of the blood is directly affected by this center because it controls and energizes the liver which in turn, detoxifies the blood. MCKS further instructs that an exhausted person can be revitalized rapidly by cleaning and energizing the solar plexus center. The solar plexus center is one of the most important chakras because it controls, energizes and effects so many vital organs. It is also the main center for the “lower” emotions of anger, anxiety, aggressiveness, hatred guilt, greed, violence, cruelty, fear, addictions,….This center when “cleaned and energized” is the center for positive emotions like ambition, courage, and perseverance.

7. Heart Center: There are 2 Heart Centers – Front and Back. The Front Heart is located at the center of the chest and the Back Heart is located directly behind it on the back. They have 12 petals. The front heart center contains mostly golden energy with some light red and a beautiful core of pale luminous green. The front chakra controls and energizes the heart and thymus gland. The back heart center contains mostly golden energy with some red, orange, and yellow energy – beautiful core of pale luminous green.
It controls and energizes the lungs, the heart, and the thymus gland. (The Thymus gland is responsible for our immune defense system.) Per MCKS’s PH protocols, energizing is always done from the back heart center due to possibilities of over-energizing and over stimulating. The Heart Center is the center of higher or refined emotions. It is close in proximity to the solar plexus center and both are emotional centers. If the lower emotions are agitated – the heart chakra is also agitated. MCKS makes it clear in his protocols that this is why negative emotions have detrimental effects on the physical heart in the long run…..also the immune system! Has the reader noticed in his/her life that after an emotionally difficult time, that invariably the body has symptoms of dis-ease within a 1-2 week period of time – manifesting as a “cold”, “stomach-ache”, “chest pain”……. ?

8. Throat Center: There are 2 Throat Centers – the first one is located about 3 inches below the chin along the neck. The second throat center is located at the base of the throat in the indented area. It has 16 petals and contains mostly blue prana with some green and violet. The Throat Chakra controls and energizes: a) throat b) voice box or larynx c) air tube or trachea d) thyroid gland e) parathyroid glands f) lymphatic system g) also the sex chakra. This center is responsible for speech, communication, the concrete mind and also for higher creativity.

9. Ajna Center: This center is located between the eyebrows. It has ninety-six petals and is divided (horizontally) into halves. Each half has forty-eight petals. The predominant colors are light yellow/gold and violet. It is often see as an “eye”. This master center is the “CEO” or commander –in – chief of the entire chakra and endocrine system along with all the vital organs. Per MCKS’s Advanced PH findings, the colors of this center will change according to the psychological state of a person. (p. 26) The Ajna controls and energizes the pituitary gland and the entire body. This is the center of the higher or abstract mind, the center of the will (directive functioning of the mind).

10. Forehead Center: This center is located at the center of the forehead. It has 144 petals divided into 12 equal parts. Each of those parts contains 12 petals. The prana colors are light violet, blue, red, orange, yellow, and green. The forehead center controls and energizes the pineal gland and the nervous system. Malfunctioning of this center may manifest as problems of the nervous system. The forehead chakra is the center of the lower Buddhic or Cosmic Consciousness (pg.27).

11. Crown Center: This center is located in the center of the top of the head. It has 960 outer petals and 12 inner petals. Commonly referred to as the 1000 petaled lotus center. The crown chakra has 2 sets of petals. The 12 inner petals are mostly golden in color and the 960 outer petals contain light violet, blue, yellow, green, orange, and red prana. Interestingly, the inner petals of the crown center look like the front heart chakra. Per MCKS’s Advanced Pranic Healing book, “The crown chakra is the entry point of the divine energy or the electric violet Pranic energy.” (pg. 27) The brain and the pineal glad are controlled and energized by the crown center. Physical or psychological disorders related to the pineal gland and the brain may be related to this center. “The crown chakra is the center of the higher Buddhic or cosmic consciousness.” (Pg, 27) He describes this as an understanding of a subject matter not through a long period of study nor through inductive or deductive reasoning but through “direct comprehension or perception.” Another term for Buddhic consciousness is Christ consciousness. This state of being manifests as a person feels oneness with all, oneness with the Creator. This is the state of feeling Loving-Kindness for all.

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