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Crystal Tone Singing Bowls

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls 

 Individual or Group Experience & Virtual Sessions

C#  Celestine…    D# Andara…    F# Apophyllite pink aura gold…   

G# Moldavite….    A# Turquoise…     C# Smokey Citrine

These are extraordinary and uniquely chosen for deeply cleansing and “sparkling”  abilities – The Endocrine System, Chakra System and Shri Chakra fields.  Each of the bowl frequencies and rare embedded minerals create a truly powerful transformational experience.

This is a wonderful Gift for yourself, children, parents, grandparents  where they can enjoy and benefit from the deeply relaxing, uplifting, resonance of these remarkable sounding bowls.  What a transformational way to bath in the sounds and feel Happy and Energized!

To schedule a session:  Contact Rami Pam at

Additional Information:

“Our entire human body down to our very DNA is crystalline in structure, causing it to respond and resonate with extraordinary frequencies associated with quartz crystal. The specific harmonic energy that emanates from crystal singing bowls is determined not only by the bowl size and shape, but the combining of pure quartz with other elements including precious gems and minerals. The resulting “Alchemy” tones are nothing short of incredible. And now in this age of awakening, as our fundamental understanding of frequency expands, we know that Alchemy Crystal BowlTM are powerful tools for transformation and healing.”  (Taken with permission from Crystalsingingbowls TM)

Each of us is a living symphony of frequencies…some of our notes singing in harmony, and some singing ‘off key’. Because of stress, trauma, and negative mental and emotional patterns, the instruments of our symphony need tuning up. Some notes in our body-mind symphony have become so stressed that they are missing, which makes it more difficult for our orchestra, or whole energy system to play. These missing tones can be identified by listening to the notes in our speaking voice with a digital tuner. (These frequency patterns are also mirrored in the individual’s planetary tone frequencies.)

By knowing the frequency of something, we can alter or change it, and when the missing frequencies are played back, we can return to wholeness, health and harmony. Playing the full spectrum of tones of our living symphony, and especially audibly sounding these tones (called toning), has been found to have the following effects:

  • Releases ‘feel good’ endorphins and supports healthy immune system function
  • Nourishes and feeds the physical and emotional bodies, harmonizing the system
  • Assists in releasing limiting belief systems, stress and general dis-ease
  • Alters brain state, inducing alpha-theta states associated with healing
  • Synchronizes mind-heart-body rhythms and a sense of being centered and balanced
  • Expands creativity, vision, and clarity, opening a gateway for soul freedom



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