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Community Events

During this challenging Coronavirus pandemic, all “in-person” community based programs have been paused until further notice.  Please browse through the website. 

 There are a variety of  Virtual Zoom classes and other opportunities for Radiant Health, Happiness, Vitality and Enhancing your Inner Growth.


 Welcome  Ancient & Sacred Tibetan New and Full Moon Meditations are now being offered each month.  These powerful Zoom  group meditations are open to the Community: Each month – The New Moon is offered on that date….and the Full Moon is offered for 2 days prior to the Full Moon….the Day of the Full Moon….and  for 2 days following the Full Moon.



January 11, Thursday  New Moon Meditation (7:45pm EST)


January 23, Tuesday (7:45pm EST)

January 24, Wednesday (7:45pm EST)

January 25, Thursday (7:45pm)

January 26, Friday (7:45pm EST)

January 27, Saturday (7:45 EST)


December 12, Tuesday, New Moon Meditation (7:45pm EST)


December 24, Sunday (7:45pm EST)

December 25, Monday (7:45pm EST)

December 26, Tuesday  (7:45pm EST)

December 27, Wednesday (7:45 EST)

December 28 Thursday (7:45 EST)



Complete the simple Request Form…or email: to receive your Zoom Invite.

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