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The Inner Chamber Course
Inner Chamber
22 Apr 03:45 PM event_repeat
Until 22 Apr, 06:00 PM 2h 15m

The Inner Chamber Course

ADVANCED COURSE:  126 Lessons - one lesson is studied per week...  As above. This class is offered as a Home Study & Group Zoom Study.  This course with accompanying color-coded Study Guides dev. by Rev. Rami Pam is only available after the successful completion of the Initiate Course.  Further information regarding The Higher Knowledge imparted in this course will be offered near the completion of The Initiate Course per Dr. Edward J. Dingle’s, DLM’s instructions.  Class Materials:  If you are interested in participating in this class, register on the REGISTRATION PAGE…. Once you register, you will receive an email from IlluminatingLives to easily create your CLASS ACCOUNT.  All the class materials, audio videos, student handouts are available for viewing and download.  A recording will be available of each class for 5 days only in case you would like to review or missed the class. Course Fees:  Refer to the REGISTRATION Page. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
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