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10 May 12:00 AM
Until 12 May, 11:59 PM 2d 23h 59m

Ding Le Mei Retreat 2024 The Art of Living

“The Art of Living – Harmonic Breath & The 8 Key Breaths Ding Le Mei Retreat will be held next May 10, 11 and 12, 2024.  The Retreat is a very extraordinary opportunity to sharetogether the practices of this journey at the Joshua Retreat Center.

This site was developed by Ding Le Mei in 1941 and continues to this day to host spiritual retreats for many groups.  As of January 19, 2023, The Institute of Mentalphysics, d/b/a (doing business as) The Joshua Tree Retreat Center, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places by The United States Department of The Interior. Aside from recognizing the property’s historic significance, the designation of the New City of Mentalphysics as a National Register.  IlluminatingLives,LLCwill donate 50% of the profits from this retreat to The Joshua Retreat Center and 50% to the continuation of DLM scholarships and future programming.

      The following was taken from the website:  

"The retreats for the Mentalphysics teachings are also held here on this sacred land. Please be sure to visit our many vortices and note that the buildings and other structures are all designed by Ding Le Mei, Frank Lloyd Wright, (and son) Lloyd Wright, using sacred geometry. The energy here is unique and healing."   

Important Information:

1.  The bungalows at the Joshua Retreat Center are all booked.

2.  You are welcome to book accommodations off campus.  If you look online there are many places available...can contact Pam if you need assistance.

3.  Classes will be held in The Sanctuary…Breathwork outside on the beautiful vortex campus (including OM Hill)…and sacred Fire Ceremonies on The Bungalow campus of the Joshua Retreat Center.  

4.  Pam has booked a Bungalow for herself:  Check-in date:  May 8, 2024...Check-Out date: May 15th, 2024.  You are welcome to arrive earlier than the retreat date if you like...

5.  You are also welcome to invite someone(s) New to this retreat.  (You will receive a discount of 50% for 2 new people). What a wonderful opportunity to share these gifts with friends and dive deeper into your Beautiful Spiritual Life on this special Retreat.

  Retreat Fee: 1.  Early bird price: $750 before February 28 2024. 2.  $850 after March 1, 2024.  You can choose your own payment plan. Ding Le Mei scholarships are available for serious students…please ask Pam.
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